December 2016
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December 2016

Volume 2  Issue 2


Case Report

The Boy Who Loved Kites

Aide Mitie Kudo, Magda Carneiro-Sampaio*

Inaugurated in 1976 in the central zone of Sao Paulo City, the Children’s Hospital of University of Sao Paulo Medical School (FMUSP) has been regarded as a reference center for complex, rare and of difficult diagnostic elucidation diseases, and has received patients from all over Brazil as well as neighbouring countries. As a center also for liver, kidney and hematopoietic stem cell transplantations, a wide range of chronic and severe diseases are treated at this Children’s Hospital (in Portuguese, Instituto da Criança – ICr).     

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Research Article

Daylight Savings Time: Spring Forward to more Pediatric Fractures ?

Carissa Sawyer*, William Hennrikus MD, Brian Piazza MD

Orthopedic injuries in children account for a substantial proportion of pediatric emergency room visits each year. The incidence of these injuries may be associated with various environmental and temporal factors such as changes in the weather, time of day or amount of sunlight. These conditions could play a larger role in pediatric fractures specifically, as warmer, sunnier weather often promotes more outdoor play, and thus more chances for injury.     

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